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 About Us 

"Restorer of the Breach" recognizes the need to assist in the repair and restoration of broken families. "Restorer of the Breach" gives voice to so many children who have been abused. "ROB" seeks to assist in the healing of grievous wounds caused by predatory violence. "Restorer of the Breach" will pursue change, restoration of innocence, wholeness and pursuit of justice. "ROB" speaks to parents, educators, legal and community groups to inform, comfort, and facilitate the changes necessary in the predatory situations that are so prevalent in our communities.


To provide an ARC

Awareness ~ Availability ~ Accountability
To bring awareness to communities, organizations, and law enforcement of the growing need for victim sensitivity education.  To assist with follow up to recovery programs for children and their families.

Referral ~ Resources ~ Recovery
To act as a liaison directing and accompanying families to crisis programs.  To explain the process of prosecution for those with deviant, criminal behavior toward children.  To insure that the privacy of the children and their families are maintained.   To establish a source of support for parents and children that are affected by molestation.

Comfort ~ Counseling ~ Correction
To provide up to date information regarding children and parental rights in the prosecution of the perpetrator.  To insure that there is appropriate and gender specic counseling available for crime victims.  To establish core groups that identify predatory and pedophile behavior patterns.   To encourage families to communicate the need for child safety.  We will provide a listening ear to allow parents and youth the opportunity to tell their own experiences.

Restorer of the Breach

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