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"Have you ever noticed how you can be sitting in the busiest places and find stillness? Stillness doesn't always usher in peace. Sometimes it is that eerie place that precedes disaster. It can be a place where you are isolated from the events going on around you."

"Parents who have experienced pedophilia are constantly being challenged with behavioral disturbances that have a root cause from the pedophile.  We don't know all of what our children have experienced or all they were introduced too.  However, no matter how much our children tell us there are still those additional exposures and experiences we may never know about."

Excerpts from- "The Restorer of the Breach"

Written in this book are my thoughts and responses after my children were victimized by a pedophile.  This book is a picture of the journey to restoration and family wholeness in the midst of misunderstanding and discouragement.

Book is currently available  at Barnes & Noble Online, or email us.

Restorer of the Breach

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