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The Founder
 About the Founder 

I am Darla Gooden and I am the founder of "Restorer of the Breach," also known as "ROB."

The foundation aids in the recovery of youth and families who have been victimized by pedophilia. "ROB" will provide referrals to sensitive therapists who will facilitate the process of recovery with individual, family and group therapy sessions. With prevention seminars, workshops, lectures we will empower parents, teachers, schools and churches.

I am the mother of six teenage children, of whom I am very proud. I am also an active worker in the community with youth and the disadvantaged.  I'm a tireless spokeswoman for the rights and the total development of youth.

On September 11, the same number as an emergency call; the "World Trade Center" was savagely attacked and many lost their lives. On September 11, 2006, I also had a "9-11," as I came to know my children had been victimized by a pedophile within my local church.  Two of my sons had been systematically abused over an extended period of time.  With threats of violence to my life, they were rendered powerless to expose him.

My book tells the story and the impact these crimes have had on our life.  The book also details the pathology of a pedophile and my family's recovery process. Thank you for pre-ordering the book, and I know it will bless your life! 

News Report: January 9th, 2008

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